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Elegant, rich and warm.
This winter white, photo inspiration offers many opportunities for D.I.Y. details that can translate to any size gathering.

This is a close-up of the beautiful, ribbon wreath above the fireplace. Light blue and silvery-gray add warm color to the snowy, bridal white. Very nice colors for winter holiday and wedding decor.

This wreath can be created with a styrofoam wreath base from the craft store. Satin (or other) ribbon bows are pinned to the styrofoam base with a straight pin, hidden under the bow knot. It’s easy to learn as you go. You can re-shape your bows as you get better at tying, and re-pin and position them as you make your way around the wreath. I love projects that you really can’t mess up. Each piece is a unique work of art after all!

Fabulous ideas for your reception or holiday gathering. “Snowy” tipped pine cones atop the wedding cake and glittery branches attached to the candle glass. Creative, simple, festive and easy decorations.

Choose the pine cone size that suits your project and brush each plate/scale with a touch of white or silver craft paint.

Clip thin, straight branch tips to the height that is appropriate for your glass candle holders or votives. Spread silver and white glitter onto a tray or piece of foil, coat the branches with a brush of white glue and roll it in the glitter. A little more glue to hold the branches to the candle glass. Tie a string around it until they are thoroughly dry then remove. I think a ribbon tied around the candle would add a nice touch. Of course you didn’t need that micro-mini tutorial. These will be easy, and the results are absolutely stunning!

A sprinkle of coconut on the cake would be pretty with a pine cone topper.

What’s a party without a dessert table?

This little detail, glitter-topped acorns, could be used in so many different ways: trimming a tree, guest favors, holiday gifts, place cards, or just to fill a crystal bowl and admire!

When I’ve looked for acorns, I’ve found that more often than not, they’ll be on the ground with their little tops beside them. Well that will make this sweet project even easier. Paint the tops with glitter glue and when they are dry, glue them back onto the acorn! You can even lay a thin string under the top when you glue it on if you want to hang this little pretty! I know, I’m stating the obvious. I’m excited about how beautiful and enjoyable these projects can be for everyone of all ages. I hope they have inspired you to create something lovely and satisfying for your special occasion.

Katherine – Henry & Masci Photography

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